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Here are some questions that our customers have asked about hair breakage and Pricewell Special Treatment for Fragile Hair.

Who should use Pricewell Special Treatment for Fragile Hair?

Anyone who is experiencing hair that breaks easily, that has "stopped growing" should use this product.

African-American women and men are more susceptible to this problem, and sometimes have family members who experience the same symptoms.

If you or a family member has recently experienced hair breakage or fragile hair that does not seem to be growing, try Pricewell Special Treatment for Fragile Hair.

How do I use Pricewell Special Treatment for Fragile Hair?

You can use it on wet or dry hair. Place a nickel-sized amount in your palm, rub your hands together, and gently knead through your hair. You only have to do this once a day.

Do I have to use any other conditioner or treatment?

No. While using Pricewell Special Treatment for Fragile Hair, don't use any other conditioner or hair/scalp preparation. This is all you need.

How long does a jar last?

Our customers tell us that one jar of Pricewell Special Treatment for Fragile Hair lasts three to four months! So not only do you get a scientifically proven treatment for your damaged hair, you are getting fast results without spending a fortune.

Why has my hair stopped growing?

Your hair probably hasn't stopped growing, it has actually become so weak and fragile that it breaks a short distance from the scalp. This broken hair can occur anywhere on your scalp, but most often occurs on the back or front of the head. Sometimes the hair becomes so brittle that a tug on the end easily breaks the hair into short pieces.

Hair breakage is a common problem among African-American women and men. In some families, this is a genetic trait where other family members have displayed "short hair" problems.

Why does hair suddenly start to break?

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons. Some hair seems to be susceptible to breakage after years of using perms or heat, even though no symptoms were evident before. There may be a hereditary tendency for this type of breakage in some families. We don't know why some people develop this problem while others can straighten or perm their hair for years, but it is usually not a hairdresser's fault or some improper care.

Are perms or heat the only cause of hair breakage?

No. Similar hair breakage may occur for a number of other reasons, including:

Excessive brushing with a stiff or natural bristle brush

Excessive combing with a sharp tooth comb

Wearing tight-fitting hair covers for long periods of time

In some people, this breakage occurs even without the use of chemicals, heat, or excessive brushing or combing.

An example of hair so weak it has broken near the scalp.

What can I do to reduce this problem?

First, you should start using Pricewell Special Treatment for Fragile Hair on a daily basis. After just a few weeks, your hair will become softer and less fragile, and will bend and flex with less breakage. But there are other things that will help, too.

Remember that this condition leaves you with hair that is so fragile it resembles threads of spun glass, and will break easily. Avoid stress to your hair.

Your hair should be handled as little and as gently as possible. Think of this as giving your hair "a rest." Use perms and heat less often, or stop altogether if possible. Use large combs with well-spaced teeth and rounded tips. It is very important to stop brushing and massaging your hair and scalp. During shampooing, be gentle. Use your fingertips to spread the shampoo, and never use your fingernails.

While hair is recovering, you may want to style your hair differently to cover the breakage area. Wigs can give the hair a rest and sometimes are an attractive temporary alternative. Hair extensions give hair a rest and allow it to grow, but do not pull your hair tightly at the scalp, or more breakage will occur.

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